Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A History of Family Operation

Red-Line was founded by Jim Oxendine in 1986. Jim was the eldest of 14 children, raised on a farm in Lumberton, NC. Despite dropping out of school to tend the farm, at age 19 Jim decided that he wanted to do more than farm work. He spent many years in the chemical business, filling roles from pump engineer for an oil company to plant manager for several different plants.

The Oxendines, 1965

With a vast knowledge of technical expertise related to chemical manufacturing, at age 50 he had a plan to open a toll blending plant of his own. With a little more than a few stainless steel "bathtub sized vessels" and a lot of know-how, he was able to use his previous contacts to find clients for his new chemical manufacturing company.

In the early years, Jim shared an office and a secretary with Line Chemicals.  To help the secretary handle calls for both businesses, Jim’s phone was red, prompting the company’s name – Red-Line. The name is now synonymous with the Native American logo symbolizing the family’s heritage.

Jim Oxendine

Jim passed away in 2009, but his family has kept the business going strong in his memory.

Celebrating Red-Line's 25th anniversary in 2011

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Inspections and Safety

We continually prepare for a number of inspections and external audits. These are welcomed as it only reemphasizes our need to remain safety-vigilant.

Our district fire inspector conducts quarterly review of our facility with walk-through inspections. Sprinklers and back-flow devices are flow-tested once a year; fire alarms are inspected by an outside certified company quarterly. Respirators are also fit tested and receive an annual inspection. 

Hydraulically- designed automatic sprinkler system
All chemical companies must have readily available Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Even with our MSDS located on a shared drive, paper copies are kept updated on the production line for quick access for the kettle operators. Our vessels, with emphasis on the weld seams, are inspected for corrosion on a regular basis.

Outside vessel, number 11

Drills for emergency evacuation, forklift training, and hazardous material handling all are completed periodically to remain compliant. Not only do we follow government regulations, but we also follow voluntary “good practice” measures with detailed and documented processes for responsibly managing the logistics associated with the chemical industry.

Forklift equipped with fire extinguisher

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Compliance and Safety

There are many complexities associated with the compliance and safety realm. It is increasingly necessary that we routinely review environmental and workplace safety while adhering to OSHA and SARA reporting requirements. Our warehouse is specifically designed for safety. In addition to  the obvious eyewash and safety showers, spill kits, identified noise and hazardous areas, it must also be designed to ensure waste streams are contained in case of an accident. 

Eyewash station in the laboratory

Different classes of chemicals are segregated so that oxidizers and corrosives are stored away from flammables. We convey the tenets of Operational Risk Management (ORM) as an identified regular practice in our operations. These continual cyclical assessments of risk, controls, and mitigation serve to strengthen our Safety Program.

Label on bottle of lubricant, shows hazards

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Operations

A chemical manufacturing facility can comprise a spectrum of services.  At Red-Line, we operate in various capacities to service the chemical industry. 

At one end of the spectrum, we blend products from customer- provided formulas to predetermined specifications. This necessitates precise calibrated measurement tools to ensure exact standards are met.

Custom formulated chemicals

At the other end of the spectrum, we provide logistics services that include direct shipment of tank wagon, totes, containers, and drums of finished products. When orders are received and processed, shipments are coordinated with freight carriers ensuring DOT regulations are met for safe transport of goods. Our factory-pack processes receive bulk chemical shipments that are repackaged into new containers and labeled.  Each step is handled with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Worker with PPE

Responding to our customer’s desires, needs, and requests help us to promote and enforce compliance while optimizing operational processes.  Advocating a strong stance toward safety and compliance helps protect our reputation, minimize our liability, and improve our customer service while reducing costs.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red-Line Chemical

At Red-Line, it is our expressed goal to provide you with the ability to increase your competitive edge in manufacturing your chemical products.

We are a Native American, family owned, Small Business Enterprise with ISO 9001-2008 designation, serving our customers with custom chemical blending, chemical process development, toll blending, pilot batch processing, packaging, and labeling.

With years of experience in scale-up chemistry and chemical blending, we can work with you to develop custom chemical products and processes. You can devote your energy to things that are important to building market share as you are assured your custom blended chemicals are in good hands with us.